Tradition of Excellence

The Jerald Sulky Company has a 119 year tradition of excellence in producing finely crafted carts, buggies, and sulkies. Every Jerald vehicle is designed to provide outstanding comfort, strength and safety. Each is unique—painted or natural wood finished these carts are hand striped to your specifications with accessories to match – all constructed and finished to a flawless beauty that only Jerald can achieve. 

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Because these fine vehicles are custom handmade to fit your needs, delivery may take 8 – 12 weeks. With all their years of knowledge and experience, Mini Equine Central will council you on building your dream Jerald cart.  For when only the best will do for you and your horse, Contact Lisa at 541-210-3403

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Plus S/H

Announcing Jerald Sulky Victory Lap Competition Shine Detailer! One of the big issues we hear about here at Jerald is "why does the paint and patent leather of my beautiful Jerald cart have a foggy filmy appearance?" The answer usually comes down to the wrong cleaning product. If you ask horse people what they use to clean their carts, many will quickly reply "Pledge!" Furniture cleaner is wonderful...for furniture. However, our vehicles are finished with automotive style finishes, and the wax that furniture polishes leave behind to help preserve and condition your favorite dining room table have the opposite effect on your cart - it covers up the shine and luster that your finish had when new. Specifically formulated for use on Jerald Sulky Co. performance horse-drawn vehicles, use Victory Lap Competition Shine Detailer to get a low-friction and deep gloss shine every time you put your vehicle on the track or in the ring.


Use this proprietary formula on all hard surfaces including:

  • paint, patent leather, chrome, brass, vinyl, stainless steel, plastic, clearcoat and other non-porous surfaces.

  • Safely cleans surfaces of dust, sweat, light oil, fingerprints, water spots, and wax.

  • Works great for all surfaces including vehicles, glass, implements, and throughout your tack room including chrome bit shanks, stirrups, show trunks, brow bands, show girths and other appointments

Victory Lap Competition Shine Detailer contains no wax, petroleum or silicon and is recommended for use on smooth polished surfaces with a clean non-scratch cloth. The formula dries ultra-fast for rapid last-minute results prior to competition. The shine resists dust and will not leave behind a waxy film. 

This cooler is designed so that you may drive your miniature horse while harnessed to the cart so that they may stay warm just before you enter your class on those cold days. Warm as wool yet lightweight, wicks moisture from the skin and dries quickly, Velcro strap at the poll and front closures, Velcro closures on either side of the terrets just below shaft loops, and a tail loop. Machine washable.

Colors available in Black, Purple, Red, Navy, Hunter and Royal Blue.


$55.00 plus S/H  (In Stock - Call to Order)

Cart side number holder. This number pocket secures over the shaft with the simplicity of "Velcro" straps. You'll never lose individual numbers because they are attached to a spiral for ease of changing. Gives a finished and professional look to catch the judge's eye.    


$36.00 plus S/H (In stock - Call to order)


Cart back number holder           

$10.00 Plus S/H (In Stock - Call to order)

Davis bell boots made of a rip and tear resisting heavy-duty PVC compound, double-locking hook and loop closures. Available in black or white,


size Mini 1 and Mini 2

(sold in pairs) $24.95 plus S/H - (In stock Call to Order)

Protect and store your harness in this bag made of Cordura outer shell with fleece lining, zips down 3 sides for easy access. Inside pockets for your bits and accessories. Four nylon loops inside with plastic snaps to hang your harness on. Removable support bar and 2 handles. Perfect for gifts and club awards as they are easy to have embroidered. Colors available- black, navy, royal, hunter, purple and red. 18" x 33" x 3" 


$49.95 plus S/H - (Call to Order)


Also matching halter bag 9" x 28" x 3" $29.95 plus S/H